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Professional And Efficient Handyman Services In Oxford

Trusted by our clients. Used by homeowners, landlords, tenants and property agents across the city. Every handyman we have in Oxford is fully qualified, highly trained and experienced – not to mention fully insured.

We know that’s the kind of trustworthiness you’ll be looking for when you invite Best Handyman Oxford into your home. So that’s what we provide. Plus, we offer the skills of specialists with experience and qualifications in every trade:

Plumbers. Electricians. Painters and decorators. Floor fitters. Carpenters. Whatever you need for the task at hand.

Start with a free, no-obligation quote. Get it finalised after an onsite visit with one of our senior specialists. 24-hour support means you can call out the experts you need at any time.

Get a fully guaranteed and insured specialist handyman to arrive on your doorstep on Oxford. They’re the kind of trained and experienced professionals you need for any and all kinds of small touch-ups and repair work around your property. From small fixes to improvements and upgrades of all kinds, we can help you refresh and revitalise any part of your home or your business property.

This is easy for us. After all, we have fully qualified professionals in every trade. This includes plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters and decorators as well as many other experts. Plus, we work throughout the week and at the weekend too – meaning you can get the assistance you need when you need it most.

It’s a system that works – 97% of our clients say they’d use our trustworthy team of expert handymen again.

Give us a call today to get a free quote with zero obligation or set up your service 24/7.

Why It Is So Beneficial for You to Hire a Professional Handyman from Us

Best Handyman Oxford are devoted to providing exceptional quality services to our clients and making the life of people easier and more convenient. Let us present you some of the key benefits you’ll take advantage of when hiring us:

Reliability – Our expert team of handymen have the knowledge and experience to resolve your repair or maintenance issue and consider how best to prevent any potential future problems. The professionals of Best Handyman Oxford are available whenever you have any questions or concerns after their project completion. They will respond adequately to your home maintenance needs and arrive as soon as possible in case of an emergency situation.
All Required Tools and Materials – With us, you’ll receive the most skilled handyman staff with the most state of the art tools to give you the effective repair and maintenance solutions you need for your property. The professional team is supplied with electrical testers, screwdrivers, drills, hammers, saws and many other high quality handyman equipment and tools to deliver excellent repair, maintenance and decorating services.
A Detailed Solution – Before starting whatever repair or maintenance job at your home, we will discuss your individual property repair or maintenance needs in detail. In this manner, we can be sure that we’ll provide you with the best solution for you. We always strive to exceed your expectations. Your happiness and comfort are of great importance for us.

Outstanding Customer Relationship – We are aware that each job requires a proper service provider-customer relationship. That is why all of our handymen are able to maintain professionalism and understand your requests in the correct manner. Our friendly handymen have the necessary communication skills so they may prevent any misunderstandings, frustrations or delays.

Best Handyman Oxford provide value to our clients, so they only wish to collaborate with us. Get convinced in the high quality of our handyman services in Oxford!

Best Handyman Oxford Full List Of Services

  • Fit baby-proof catch
  • Cable tidying with trunking (1m)
  • Replace shower hose
  • Adjust cupboard door hinge
  • Replace bath screen
  • Replace cabinet handles or knobs
  • Install door kick plate
  • Plane / Trim internal door
  • Replace hinges of internal door
  • Replace ceiling tile
  • Replace battery operated smoke alarm
  • Replace Hinges of internal door
  • Install a security bolt/chain
  • Install draft excluder brush
  • Install gun cabinet, safe
  • Install bath screen
  • Install shower screen door
  • Re-fit kitchen Kickboard / Plinth
  • Install a new internal door (no painting)
  • Install a new front/external door (no painting)
  • Cut roller blind to size
  • Replace light bulbs
  • Fix/replace /standard/ toilet seat
  • Fit washing machine/dishwasher (integrated)
  • Install a new mortice lock
  • Put back existing internal door (No cutting)
  • Connect/disconnect dishwasher/washing machine
  • Replace / Install shower screen
  • Fit baby gate, stair gate
  • Repair / Replace door frame
  • fit fridge freezer (integrated)
  • fit under counter fridge (integrated)
  • Replace door handle/door knob
  • Replace cupboard door hinge
  • Replace cupboard door
  • Replace mortice lock
  • Install a new night latch
  • Install a new fire door
  • Install a catflap
  • Replace bath panel (wooden, PVC – no cutting)
  • Replace kitchen worktop – straight piece – 2.5m
  • Replace bath panel (wooden, PVC – needs cutting)
  • Skirting board Replacing/Installation

Repairing walls / ceilings

  • filling in a hole left from picture hook/screw
  • filling in a deep hole in solid wall(with bonding)
  • filling in a shallow hole in solid walll
  • Solid walls
  • Filling in a hairline crack
  • Sanding and touch up painting(on follow up visit)
  • patching a hole in plasterboard
  • filling in a hole left from curtain pole
  • visit #2 skimming after bonding
  • visit #3 sanding and touch up paint
  • Repair plaster on lath wall

Tiling, Grouting & Resealing

  • Re-seal bath tub
  • Re-seal Shower Cubicle
  • Grouting / Re-grouting
  • Tile a bath panel
  • Tile a bathroom floor
  • Re-seal sink/basin
  • Replace tiles (more than 30 x 30cm)
  • Replace tiles (up to 30 x 30cm)
  • Tile a kitchen splash-back – up to 2.5m

TV Mounting

  • TV Size
  • TV 43 – 60 inch (2 men job)
  • TV 32 – 42 inch

Hanging Items

  • Hanging Pictures
  • Toilet roll holder
  • Hanging Mirrors
  • Soap dispenser/tray
  • Tootbrush holder
  • Install Spur Shelving
  • Hanging Blinds
  • Hanging Shelves
  • Hanging Curtain Rails/Rods
  • Hang a coat hook
  • Secure wardrobe to the wall
  • Hang curtain rail/rod on bay window
  • Mount Cabinet/Cupboard
  • Hang a coat hook rack
  • Whiteboard / noticeboard
  • Hang Glass shelf
  • Towel Rail (non-heated,non electrical)

Furniture assembly

Why use us?

  • Fully insured, guaranteed and highly experienced professionals
  • Specialists in every trade – carpenters, painters and decorators, handymen, plumbers, electricians…
  • 97% of our clients say they would trust us again
  • Start with a free quote without obligation or commitment
  • 24/7 phone support services – call any time you have a problem!

What kind of handyman do you need in Oxford?


Call in professional plumbers to handle leaks and other problems, install appliances, bleed radiators and much more – all under full guarantee.


When security is a problem, call in our locksmiths. We can replace all the locks on your property, help you get inside if you’re locked out and more.


Our City & Guilds-certified electricians can handle all kinds of appliance installations, diagnose and fix electrical faults, fit lighting and much more.


We paint both property interiors and exteriors with equal ease. Plan your work with a specialist first and count on all preparations being included in your service.


Have custom bespoke furniture created or repaired. Address all kinds of problems with doors, shelving, cupboards, floors and more. All by qualified carpenters.


Choose floor fitting services matched to any type of flooring you want to install, including solid and engineered wood, parquet, laminate and vinyl.


Repair, fix, fit, put up, take down, move and more. Whatever odd jobs you have around your home, our specialist handymen have the training and experience.


Transform any part or all of your home or office space with help from specialist decorators who can meet with you in person to help you make plans.

How handyman services from Best Handyman Oxford work

You will be happy to find out that all cleaners are in-house professionals. They are highly skilled, expertly trained, come fully uniformed and well-informed about what work needs to be done. Our services are carried out by various technicians who specialise in their specific field. Each service is done in accordance with a specific protocol. On the other hand, all cleaners have public liability insurance so you have nothing to be worried about. Besides, you can count on us for being discreet and undisruptive. If you would like to book one of our services for your office space or workplace, then you can expect a job well done. The cleaners will focus on their work and do their best not to cause any disturbance.

Get in touch for a free quote 24/7

Call us and let us know what you need from your handyman in Oxford today. We’re on the line 24/7.

Reach us on 011 8436 0051 or simply enter your details into our booking form. We’ll reply with an initial estimate of the cost of your handyman services. We’ll be happy to send a senior member of our team to assess your needs and plans for larger-scale work.

Then you’ll be free to select the right day of the week or weekend for your service to start. We work 7/7.

Get in touch for a free quote 24/7

Call us and let us know what you need from your handyman in Oxford today. We’re on the line 24/7.

Reach us on 011 8436 0051 or simply enter your details into our booking form. We’ll reply with an initial estimate of the cost of your handyman services. We’ll be happy to send a senior member of our team to assess your needs and plans for larger-scale work.

Then you’ll be free to select the right day of the week or weekend for your service to start. We work 7/7.

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